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Skywatcher 150P Dobsonian eyepiece holder.

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Hello all, I haven't visited here for a while because astronomy had taken a back seat to other matters recently, but have been dusting off the gear again.

And therein lies my problem! I have a Skywatcher 150 dobsonian, which I have had a lot of fun with in the past taking snapshots of the moon. I bought a DSLR adapter for it, and had a great time with it.

I recently moved house, and in my packing panics, seem to have lost the eyepiece holder for the telescope. The DSLR adapter was attached to the telescope at the time, sadly. So I now have a gaping hole in the focuser, great for attaching my camera body to, but sadly I can't use any eyepieces again for general stargazing. Can the end piece that holds the eyepieces be bought seperately? Or would I need to buy a whole new focuser? I'm not really sure, other than I'm utterly fed up that the holder went missing in the move :embarassed:

I've moved to a wonderful spot with hardly any light pollution out the back so I'd really like to view stars again!

Any help would be really greatly appreciated, thanks!

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You can get them separately but probably used is your best bet. So try a wanted advert on the UK Astro Buy & Sell website, check out E.Bay and the Scopes and Skies Astroboot site.

I think this is what you want but this one has the set screw missing:


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Well, I bought that piece, and sadly it seems to be too small for the opening in the telescope, although it holds the eyepiece correctly. Some good news though, one piece has turned up of the eyepiece holder assembly, but I still can't use an eyepiece. If it helps I can take a photograph so maybe that might illustrate it better!

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Here are some photos as promised. As you can see, I hope, I've now found the adapter ring (if that's the right term!) that goes into the focuser - the one I bought from eBay seems to be smaller and no good for my telescope sadly. So, now I'm missing what fits into that adapter to hold the eyepiece in place I presume? I'm getting a bit lost again!

20120916 150353

20120916 150416

20120916 150503

20120916 150517

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