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Jupiter with Io Transit animation


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When the thin wispy cloud ruined my attempts at some deepsky the other night I switched my attention to Jupiter as it rose above the houses. At the time I had no idea what i was about to witness but it goes down as one of my favourite observations ever, the transit of Io across Jupiter complete with shadow which amazingly coincided with the GRS :o

I was only going to have a quick look before I packed up for the night but spotted on Cartes du Ciel that Io was about to transit, so i popped in the Lifecam and took a few avis, well to cut a long story short it ended up being 40x90s avi's in total, a whole 40GB of data lol and I was still grabing data when it came light. The seeing was superb and I had one of my best visual observtions of Jupiter every, even though I could no colour, the detail was mind boggling using my 3x barlow and 7mm eyepiece, I have never seen so much detail on Jupiter before.

The Lifecam HD isnt the best planetary camera and I really wish i had used the full HD now, but opted for 640x480 to get the faster FPS, I was surprised i could capture the moons and jupiter at the same time, in the past I have had to over expose Jupiter to get the moons.

So here is the result of nearly 2 hours data, a 40 frame animation of the transit, hope you like it - you may need to open it into a new window to see animation



That's a cracking cool animation Keith! :)

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I'm totally overwhelmed with the number of people looking at this, thanks everyone :)

I'm itching to get out and try again now, but next cloudy night with nothing to do I may run through the processing again using the tips from here and see if this can be improved. Watch this space.

Clear skies


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Nice captures,and animation. Well worth putting in a camera. If you can get a spc 900 or better still a DBK i reckon your mak newt will surprise you even more. you could easily go to about f30 with a scope so nice.And reveal even more detail. If you wanted to go further

nice work,

I agree, also I would increase the capture time to aprox 3 minutes or up to 2000 frames and keep the frame rate lower to about 10-15 fps to avoid compression.



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