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Peak Star Party 2013


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I've been looking online since the beginning of Nov to book a place for PSP2013, but still can't see any sites where I can book... Just lots of forum mentions! Can you please add me to the list for a pitch with EHU for next year please?

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Hi all,

after a LOT of IT tinkering, I should be publishing the site to a dev environment about 3pm. All pitches in that environment will be 1p for testing so all PP purchaes will cost 21/22p - any volunteers to help with this putting orders through Paypal, etc.? Free PSP2013 badge for anybody who can help out :)If you are willing to help, please e-mail info@peakstarparty.co.uk to avoid clogging up this thread.

Changes this year:

- full account management so you can see your order history, set your account details, view current orders, etc.

- theoretically more stable integrated Paypal system (this needs testing!!!)

- pitch purchases by type

- no "additional person" fees

- pre-registration of all attendees needed (details can be changed up to a week before PSP2013)

- Kerry-Ann's mum says she is not allowed to buy a new scope this year (only kidding :))

- website structure makes sense :)



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So is it live for everyone from 3pm, or just for those who have previously attended?

I've found a website that is asking for a login, which I don't have! Have I got the right site?


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In the first instance, it will be live for people who are willing to help test. Assuming that goes OK, it will be open to people who have already registered only until the end of the month, then everybody else.

Unfortunately my dev server keeled over this afternoon and I haven't even got a test version up yet ... :embarrassed:

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hi everyone,

happy to say the PDDS / PSP website is now up and running and taking bookings for PSP2013.

Thanks for your patience, and please e-mail info@peakstarparty.co.uk with screen-shots if it breaks :)



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Ok, whilst I couldn't proceed using a paypal payment, due to the page not progressing. I have managed to confirm using the cheque payment method, although the page still has not progressed, I now have a confirmation email. Next problem, I haven't used cheques since Noah was a roughneck, is there a direct money transfer option for us e-banking types?????

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