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Yeah sorry, yes you can have your car beside your pitch. Only thing to be careful of, is to make sure that your have turned off any internal courtesy lights and covered / removed the fuse for the indicators to stop them destroying peoples dark adaption.


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Just in case anyone wants to swot up for the talks I am doing, here's copies of the notes that I will be giving out. I'll have a few copies but if you can print off your copy and bring with you that w

Hi all, PSP2013 dates now confirmed for 11 - 14 October. We have moved it back a week as the weekend of 18-21 has a full moon that is up all night. It is first quarter, setting around midnight over th

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Just noticed that they've updated all the pitches... I'm now in Mars 14... They have also updated so it shows my name... wookie have you checked it recently?

You're next door but one to me Rae. I'm in 16.

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Will be good to see some familiar faces, and to meet lots of new ones! 

Not really sure why they've had a shufty around with the pitch alllocations, but not really bothered about it! 

Just for the record - I take spares of EVERYTHING!!!!! If anyone needs anything, come and find me!  Went to a star party in Sep and didn't find out until I got back that one of the guys on my quiz team had serious power issues during the weekend (he didn't mention it) and so didn't use his scope at all. I had spare power leads he could have used if he'd just said something! 


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Not me!!!

If I'm lucky I'll get some done tomorrow, but most likely I will pack Friday morning, leaving when the Mrs gets back at around 1.30.

My camping gear gets used a couple of times a year, so touch wood is just a case of getting it from the loft/garage into the car.

Astro gear is also much better sorted than last year so should be easy enough. I'm considering not bringing the Sphinx mount and just using the Giro/Argo Navis even for the Mak but I haven't tried that combination out properly yet.


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I'm not far from ready, getting last stuff out of loft tonight to go thru and take out what I don't need then it all just has to be brought downstairs Thursday night, can't bring it all down like last year coz of my two puppies lol ;-)

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I have just got to get a few bits together e.g food, only getting few tins all day breakfasts and im ready all my stuff is packed up apart from scope leave that until Thursday in case get clear night.

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When I reached a certain age a disillusionment with worldly goods set in and I got rid of everything. It's a great feeling that lasted until the astro bug bit .

Now I've just looked in the shed and realised that the trailer ( yeeeeek! ) will be required. Packed the camping stove, pan, cup, eating irons, plate and food. Hey, I've even looked at the map to find out where it is again,

Old Nick.

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