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Just in case anyone wants to swot up for the talks I am doing, here's copies of the notes that I will be giving out. I'll have a few copies but if you can print off your copy and bring with you that w

Hi all, PSP2013 dates now confirmed for 11 - 14 October. We have moved it back a week as the weekend of 18-21 has a full moon that is up all night. It is first quarter, setting around midnight over th

Guys and Gals, I am making notes on the great suggestions on here for how to improve PSP 2014. On a personal note i would like to say a massive thanks to the SGL team and all their members who attende

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Aha I have stuff that didn't even get up in the blumming loft so sorted all that out ready then Thursday night linden will go up in loft and get the other stuff down to check and be ready for when our lift arrives at 11am Friday, hoping its dry so I can get it all outside before he arrives then it will be a case of chuck it in car and go lol.... Still have to get a few bits and bobs food wise but that's it, even got my clothes ready that I'm going in lol :-)

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Anyone seen the 10 day forecast ? The Crowman reckons it's a bit wobbly worzel wibbly,


Keeps changing first said cloudy then said clear now says cloudy again when do they get it right.

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Slight change of subject.... I shall be leaving home about 1.30pm and there around 4.30pm assuming lovely M25/M1 traffic is ok. Should be able to get sorted before it gets dark!

As for weather, it will do what it does, not going to look at a forecast until just before.

Been twice now and have managed at least some observing each time. Only advice I would give is to take any chance, and not go to bed if there is a chance of it clearing. Shane and I managed some decent views last year when many were asleep! I learnt my lesson the first year when I missed the best skies of the weekend by sleeping through it!


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Aha a few of us last year wer stood drinking and hoping that the fog would go away, it kept lifting and we wud get excited then it would set back in, we all manage some sort of astronomy even if its just thru talking lol, I give everyone permission to wake me though :-)

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Should I bring a fog horn? That'd definitely wake everyone ha ha

As far as I'm concerned..... 'YES'!!

I am there as my one dedicated astro trip of the year so sleep can take a back seat for the weekend :-). Got Monday off although I need to leave quite early as Mrs Makstutov only has a half day off (she doesn't like being called Mrs BigMakstutov for some reason :p)


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