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Changing File Types?

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I'd go for ImageMagick - it comes with dcraw and should handle all the native dslr and a few hundred other types.

Commands are of the form

'convert <filename>.<type extension> <new filename>.<new type extension>

You can also do things like 'convert %f:JPG %f:GIF' for folders of files or a common one I use is

for %f in (*.nef) do convert -resize 800x600 %f %~i_medium.jpg where ~%~x is the file extension part of the filename



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can you not just open the raw image in photoshop and save as jpeg????, never used raw images before so not sure but photoshop has plenty of options

Older versions of Photoshop can have issues with raws from cameras that were brought out after a newer version of photoshop was released.. Adobe tend to continue to provide upgrades for a couple of years when a new version comes out then stop...

You can use the free Adobe DNG Convertor to convert the images or any number of other utilities that are out there...



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how can I change a Raw file into a JPEG file on a computer? Do I need to download something to do it?



I wish to add this: If you have astro images (or any other image really) that you

would actually manipulate, then you should manipulate the RAW and then export the file to JPEG once you're done.

JPEG is a compressed format and because of this has lost most of his data.

Depending on the camera you are using, its bundled software should be able to handle RAWs and export to JPEG.

For instance, Nikon releases a NEF codec (NEF is the Nikon version of RAW) and that allows other applications

to handle the RAW - and save to Jpeg. This should be the cheapest way.

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