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Flight Case for mount...


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Anybody know of a suitable case / toolbox / bag / whatever for storing and protecting a HEQ5?

I know SkyGuy has bought up the entire Stanley series of toolboxes (can't find one of those anywhere Jamie.. :clouds2: ), and although there are plenty of mobile versions around, none of them seem particularly suitable.

If not, looks like I'll be putting my slightly dodgy DIY skills to use after crimbo..... oo er!!

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I haven't got a flight case, but this is what I made: a case(12euros) and expanding foam. I wrapped the mount in various layers of kitchen plastic (the one for sandwiches), and put it in the case and a little bit of foam. If you put too much you will break the case as it expands a I think 40 times it's initial volume. That way I have a cheap case to carry the mount, and it fits snuggly and tightly, and doesn't wobble about. It's probably not the best option, but it's very cheap and it's worked for me for about a year now.




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