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How bad is your observing site at home?


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Earlier in this thread I mentioned the large tree to the S in next door's garden.

While we still had a postal service (yesterday), we had a letter from the council saying that these neighbours have applied for permission to have the tree cut back by at least 20%, & did we object?

Weeell......... :sunny: Not really - seems news that's too good to be true.

BTW sorry I've not posted lately - so much else to go & last week we were in Vienna :D

In fact have just come in from a 90 min session - will post details over the weekend.



I didn't realise people had to apply for permission to cut a tree in their own garden.

My neighbour was out cutting one the other day, did about half of it then must have got bored, cos he never did the other side. Like you, I was pleased he decided to do it - just wish he'd done the whole thing! :lol:

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My back garden viewing is quite similar to Dave's (centroid). I live in a small unlit village about 7 miles from Ipswich (the only really noticeable light pollution :-(

Only real obstruction is to the north, pretty much clear in every other direction. Milky Way is easily visible on clear nights.


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I didn't realise people had to apply for permission to cut a tree in their own garden.

Not sure of the exact legalities, but there is a preservation order on it. I just want them to get lopping so I can enjoy more of those lovely skies. :bounce:


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North: Not too bad

East: Silver birch unfortunately not in my garden although I can see 'round it

South: Not too bad except when Wolves are playing at home :x

West: Big brick thing

It's not quite as bad as it looks and it least it's reasonably dark. When I was first into astronomy as a kid I used to climb on top of a garage, leap 3 feet onto a lamp-post, shin up to the top and throw a coat over it to keep the light out of my mum's garden!

EDIT: Before anyone asks, yes, we always do our laundry at night!


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