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Hello everyone,

My name is Clive Rogers and I live in Coventry.

Fristly I should apologies to everyone here for making a silly mistake of posting a link not assiciated with this forum as my very first post.

Been interested in astronomy since about 10 years old but never got to do anything about it. Growing up other things seem to occupy your time so now all the children have left home I can now enjoy astronomy. I have had a few telescope ranging from my first 60 mm Tasco to my new as yet unused 10" Quatro with a QHY9 mono camera with the QHY colour filter wheel.

I prefer to use Linux instead of Windows so my time is taken up when not using my astronomy equipment helping to write the QHYimager program for Linux along with a couple of friends. My images are nothing special so I am hoping to learn from those with more knowledge on image capture and processing than I have from you people here as well as pass along what I have learnt about using Linux if any one is interested in using Linux to capture the night sky.

Recently I have got EQDIr and EQTooth (Bluetooth EQDir) running under WINE on Ubutnu 12.04.



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Welcome Clive. I think a lot of us have come to astronomy later in life when the family pressures are off and more time is availalble (theoretically!) Trouble is there's so much to learn, but this is the best place to be for help and advice.

Good luck and clear skies :smiley:


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Welcome to the forum. I'm a big fan of Linux, and use it exclusively for my main work laptop. Recently, however, I've reluctantly started using a Windows laptop for my observatory as there's just so much more software. I'd love to be able to go back to Linux in the obsy, so good on you for contributing to astro software development

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