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Tonights target


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Hi All,

Going to go for M31 tonight with the Canon 300D wish me luck as i have never got a decen image of it before :clouds2:. I will aim for 30x 45secs for stacking (Raw frames). Hope this fine weather holds out because it's very sunny here in blackpool :shock:.

James :clouds2:

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I would have to go at least 30 miles towards the Lake District for darkish skies Warthog as you say Blackpool is just full of lights esp on the Prom proper light bulb city! :shock:

Sometimes the Local pubs and Clubs have serach lights blasting in the sky to attract customers this renders imaging a no no, observing wise it doesnt help as you would expect  :?. You put all this together with the Sodium Red street lights blasting away it makes anything difficult but theres ways round it like were i place the scopes behind shielded walls of the neighbours house's etc etc. It's a wonder anything can be done here  :clouds2:.

James :sunny:

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