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Walking on the Moon

4 meteors


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I tried to do a couple of widefield pic's last night one came out ok the others were just washed out by light pollution and given the time i did them the morning twilight was coming in at 2.15am.

So just for fun what part of the sky is this image?



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Yup, the coathanger is below center, Lyra is above right of center, Sagitta is below left, Delphinus to the left, Altair at the bottom and Cygnus at the top. I imagine with some careful processing, this could turn our to be a great shot!


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The stars star out a lot better Andy but as you have said some have been wiped out thats the problem with processing such image's. Prob would of been better to do less of an exposure and stacked them thus retain the Light Pollution...


James :)

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