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Hi from light polluted southampton !!!!! yahoo.


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Hi everybody this is the first time I have got in with anybody to do with astronomy I Am a loner and have done it all myself since I was 10 now im 53 and look it :wink: but I am changing!! because I met stargazer 1980 Darren on holiday and he was very helpfull :D I am getting a new scope soon from orion optics a 400 dob deluxe with 10th wavefront optics so if anybody would like a go with it let me know.

My parrot is an African Gray.

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Hi Supernova,

At least you Southamptonians (is that right word?) won't have to put up with the horrible sounding laser show now!! :wink:

Welcome aboard!! :D

First.. welcome from another Southamptonian ( :? :lol:).indeed on the laser's, so glad when that letter hit my matt!!

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