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There's a short video on youtube of , which I took in March with the Heritage 130p and from which I used Registax to produce this image.For the entire moon to pass through the scope webcam's field o

I've done some webcam imaging of the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus, just with the philips spc900 and the 130p Heritage. The moon images are great and I can just make out detail on Jupiter and

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OK so i'm nearly at the point of ordering my 130P flextube and i'm just wondering if there are any good accessories i should get with it ? i was thinking a red LED torch would be handy.

Any other suggestions ?

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Red torch is always handy.

I made a light shroud for my heritage which improves things noticably.

I have bought lots of things but nothing really heritage specifc. fitlers, eyepieces, cheshire collimating eyepiece etc.

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Depending on how you're planning on using it, after a few weeks of use of my own, the only essential extras to date are a copy of Turn Left at Orion and a ground sheet (6x4ft - less than £2 delivered!) - my garden is a little damp at the moment and I sit on the floor to view and surround myself with the relevant bits of kit. All my other purchases are not really essential.

At some point I should probably invest in a collimating eyepiece.

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