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Colour tone mapping - NGC 6992 experiment

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I've been following the excellent tutorial by Anna Morris on colour tone mapping for narrowband images - tricky stuff but adds an interesting new dimension to the colour options you can derive with these sort of images. One challenge I'm having is actually controlling the colours though! When you make a combined coloured tone map, and then add in the H-alpha, OIII & SII into this - you get a "rainbow" colour effect, which can be a bit too much. I've tried dampening down the colours, but the image is still rather vibrant as you can see - looks a bit funky & psychedelic! Would be interested to hear if others have tried this method on their narrowband images?

7 x10 min subs each for H-alpha, OIII & SII (all a bit noisy as well)


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Definitely worth the effort, Martin. And thanks for your recommendation to try Annie's Actions. I've tried them out and they're really handy, especially when you look at the history breakdowns and see what she did. Good learning tool.

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