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Last night's observing soundtrack


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Theres a park very near my house that hosts outdoor film screenings. Last night as I was out in the back garden looking at M13 the wind must have changed direction slightly and I could hear the soundtrack to 2001 A Space Odyssey - crystal clear.

Intently staring into the eyepiece at a spectacular globular cluster while thinking about the theme of the film whose music and dialogue I could clearly hear wafting over from the park made for a pretty good combination !

Hadn't really thought before how sound can enhance what is basically a visual hobby - anyone else listen to music or other things while observing?

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I need to start listening to music or something. The sound of rustling in the long grass behind my garden fence creeped me out. It was someone walking along the footpath. Veeery slowly!

I know what you mean, to say i'm stood in my own garden, out of site of the road, its still really scary! Can't even try to blind an attacker as all i have is a red light torch :o

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