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Walking on the Moon

Sunday 11th December

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Started the evening (8ish) with a little tour round Taurus, just 'cos it was there really. Scanned through Zeta Tauri, sort of looking for Crab M1, but I think my star-hopping needs some work! Aldebaran always fascinates me, so I alighted here and just looked for a few minutes....

Onto The Pleiades (M45), again another winter favourite. Good scout round here :clouds2:

Took a look Mars which is well past it's best now. Still bright, but the seeing was terribly good. Captured a few frames, but I don't hold out much hope!

About an hour in and I needed to get the heat gun from the shed to start zapping! :?

After a warming cuppa, back out to see that Orion has risen high enough to point the webcam at it. This will be my third attempt at M42, and I got about 150 frames of 10 seconds each - looking forward to seeing what they come out like... Also took some frames of Mintaka, I had diffraction spikes on the webcam and it looked rather nice so I captured about 10 frames of this. I was actually supposed to be aiming for Altinak and the Horsehead, but by the time I had finished with Mintaka, it was starting to fog up.

Saturn was above the rooftops, but with misty gloop rolling in, there was not much to see, and now everything was soaking so called it a night (23:10)

Knackered after a hard day's work, but loved being outside in the fresh air and clear(ish) skies......

I commend my log to the house.....................

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