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8th August moon Cliff's

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Hi here is me latest moon images

processed stacked by Registax 6



Used 76/700 with modded ps3 eyetoy cam.

Also some extra's unique strange stuff i capture on moon you have to over exposure bit like sun when see proms i would like to see more people do this ;)

Moon city!


Ths sphinx!


Called this one temple!


The city!



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    • By Astronut_Al
      Hi everyone, 
      Can anyone confirm (or refute) - have I imaged Ganymede and Europa in orbit around Jupiter or is that just wishful thinking? (Only equipment used was a Lumix G7 with 150mm zoom lens - effectively 300mm with 2x crop factor - and of course a tripod).
      It appears to be the case and yet I can't quite allow myself to believe it...
      Thanks from an old newbie.

    • By RRT26
      Photos taken via my Samsung Galaxy J7 through my Orion f4 scope. The images of Jupiter and its' moons 1,3,and 5 were captured through a 20mm lens.  Images 2 and 4 were captured with an Orion Shorty 2x Barlow Lens through a 20mm lens.

    • By Patrick2568422
      The definition of a moon is a natural object (or satellite) that orbits a planet. To my understanding Saturn's rings are made up of space debris, and they must orbit around the planet. Does that mean that each individual piece of debris and dust in Saturn's rings, and other planet's rings, count as moons? 
    • By Rickvanman
      Jupiter & moons taken 25th March 2017 from a light polluted garden in North Wiltshire.
    • By Nathan UK
      Good morning the fine people of sgl....
      as a good handful of you know I'm rather new to astronomy....
      unfortunatly for the past two weeks my health hasn't been too good so on them brief nights between being cloudy and clear I haven't been able to enjoy viewing with my scope.
      the past few days I haven't been hitting my pillow until 9am and I have been viewing Jupiter out the window wishing I was well enough to go out to the garden and take a more magnified peek.
      I'm pleased to say this morning was the morning!
      my first view of Jupiter and its moons!!!
      i didn't need to star hop as I could see it clearly by eye! And sky map confirmed my suspicions that the bright star in the sky was my target days ago!
      im also very happy with my scope
      the swe130p , I didn't except viewing to be so good!!!
      firstly I put in my 25mmEP which gave me a mag of x26
      jupiter looked like a bright star with its moons orbiting to the right ,
      still amazing although lacking and other detail,
      next up was my 10mm which upped the mag to x65 ....
      again lacking detail as before but a little bigger,
      then I put in my UWA 4mm plossl
      and omg!!!! Totally blown away!!!
      this gave me x162.5 ...
      i could clearly see two bands after a couple of seconds of eye adjustment. Bare in mind I'm in a heavily light polluted area ,The moons where a lot bigger but still looked like stars,
      i have to say this has really made my day!
      What a beautiful sight to behold and one more target off my list.
      i know apperture is king and I would prefer a 8" scope all day in the bay but I do recommend the scope I have to anyone waiting to try viewing the heavens.
      on a side note, tried a planetary filter with the 4mm EP....
      made no difference except the fact a gallilaon moon disappeared (if I named the moons correctly )
      clear sky's guys 
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