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Free sky safari for iPad.


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I have just discovered that the sky safari app is free until 8th August to

celebrate curiosity's landing.

I have downloaded it and it seems like it could be worth a look at especially

as it won't cost a penny!

It's just a thought!

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Thanks, I'll check it out.

Just had a look and it is the version I have which was free, the full version is about £20. It is a very good app though, and I use it every time I go outside with the scope.

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There are 3 versions. Basic (but not named Basic), Plus and Pro. they were all updated in June to 3.5.1 (I previously had version 3.03 and have just updated mine).

The basic version is currently free and was previously free (but was called 'Lite' I believe, although I can't be sure). I don't know what it will cost after Wed! Possibly something like £2.99...

Plus is currently £6.99 ($5 below normal price) and Pro is currently £20.99 ($10 below normal price) - both discounted for the same reason as the Basic one being free.

I agree that the Basic version is definitely worth getting (especially as it's free at the moment). The Sky Week feature seems very interesting, especially for newbies like me...

Not sure whether I would ever spend £20+ on the Pro version though.


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I'm running the Plus version and it is more than adequate for most things. A more basic app called Night Sky is ideal for quick navigation around the sky as it has much fewer stars in the guide and matches a typical uk light polluted sky

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Thanks for this sallystar, I asked my nearest and dearest to download it on her iPad. It looks very fine. It just struck me-why can't all telescopes have the rechnology fitted to show on a simple lcd screen the Alt/Az and RA/Dec co-ordinates the 'scope is poimted at? Oops, is that the next generation of intelligent 'scopes-must copyright it ASAP. Seriously, thanks again for the heads up on this programme.



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Annoyingly I've spent nearly £20 on various versions of Sky Safari so far.

I had the plus version of Sky Safari 2 on my iPad which I must have paid about £7 for. Somehow I missed the cheap upgrade when Sky Safari 3 came out.

I tried to add it to my iPhone but just install to my iPhone as SkySafari2 was no longer available from the app store so I went for the cheap option and bought SkySafari3 lite at £3 about a week ago.

Only yesterday did I realise that there had been an upgrade that I missed so I took advantage of the reduction they have at the moment to buy and install Sky Safari 3 plus on both at the discount price of £6.99.

I was tempted by pro but beyond there being more stars that I wouldn't be able to see with my sky, the only difference between plus and pro for me was the quality of the moon maps. It's ok in plus but hi res x8 in Pro.

Having spent enough on other versions that I've effectively thrown away because of Apple's policy I couldn't justify Pro at £20 even if it is discounted for just the moon maps.

The lesson to be learnt though, is make sure you've decided which version you want before you buy as there is no in-app upgrade path. And take advantage of the discount before it expires if you are umming and ahing.

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