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i Drew

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Hail SGLers

Just want to share with you guys podcast that I listen and enjoy listening to, very knowledgeable. I love listening to thes kind of podcast because it keeps the day going really fast, I work in the office so there's plenty of time where I would feel sleepy but ever since I started listening to podcast it the pace really fast. So here are some of them I listen to...



This is my all time favorite podcast, I learned a lot about astronomy from this podcast. This is hosted by Dr Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain who both dedicate a lot of their time to reach out to people and spread the knowledge of Astronomy. they are very professional but at the same time very funny. They have about 265 episode at the moment and even at their busiest time they try to podcast. They have started a live youtube Astronomy Cast recently where you can join in and ask questions live. They also started a "Space Hangout" and "Virtual Star Party" on google hangout which you can watch some of their episode here http://www.youtube.com/user/universetoday http://www.youtube.com/user/astrospherevids I recommend them HIGHLY!! great group of people. They also have a project going called Cosmoquest http://cosmoquest.org/



If you're a skeptic this is one podcast you shouldn't pass on, try out one or two episodes and you will understand what I'm saying. And if you're not a complete skeptic like I am for example, keep an open mind and you will understand why they say what they say and discuss on the podcast. They have a very lively crew and like Astronomy Cast they've been doing this for many years now and they are just growing on popularity. Like i said before I was a bit "skeptic" about skeptics but since I listened to this podcast I realize that there is nothing wrong to have an open mind to things. The show doesn't only cover Astronomy but also covers Science in general.



I love this podcast/radio show hosted by the famous Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson, i first listened to this show even before it was put on itunes. its a mix of Astronomy and Science in general. A very entertaining show where Dr Tyson will have "high profile" guest like actor Morgan Freeman and Whoopie Goldberg, astronaut Mike Messimino, Astronomers like Michio Kaku and Phil Plait and star trek star Nichelle Nichols among others.



Hosted by the SETI radio crew lead by Dr Seth Shostack, this podcast/radio show is a mix of Astronomy, Science in general and skepticism. Very well produced and they also have good guest that are always in line with the topic. the entertainment value of it is as high as the other podcast mentioned and very knowledgeable as well.



I like listening to this podcast, it is made for people like you and me who can share their own idea and personal feelings about Astronomy. I believe it was created in 2009 during the International Year of Astronomy where the goal is for the public to submit their own recording with a little monetary contribution you will be able to submit your own podcast for everyone to listen, it was only planned to be a one year project but because of its popularity it lasted for about 3 years until now, although it has slowed down it was amazing how people around the world has contributed to help the awareness of Astronomy.

Other podcast I listen to from time to time are..

JODCAST http://www.jodcast.net/

ADLER NIGHT AND DAY http://www.adlerplanetarium.org/investigate/podcasts/nightandday/

PLANETARY SOCIETY PODCAST http://www.planetary.org/multimedia/podcasts/

So those are some of my favorite podcast I listen to I hope you will take time and try them out I'm sure you will enjoy them and if you have your own favorite, please post it here so i can try them out. Believe me these I listen to are sometime not enough :laugh:

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