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Here is another image from our national astro-party :) This object is fainter than I expected, but the shape is well visible :)

Objects: Ngc 7635, M 52, Ngc 7538

Imaging: WO ZS 110 triplet + WO FRIII 0.8x, Modified 550D, EM-200, APT, PHD

Guiding: WO ZS 66SD, DSI 1 Pro

Subs: 13x10min = 2h 10min, ISO 1600, no calibration - only dithering

Processing: DSS, PS CS3

Location: Rozhen (1730m ASL), Bulgaria, 07/19/2012


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      Having upgraded from canon 1000D to Nikon D5300  how do users of the 5300 find it for Astro I will be using with APT , and how do you take flats as I can’t use Av mode as there is nothing in tools menu to choose no lens ,  do you use in manual mode  and look at histogram ? .
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      I use the Celestron AVX mount and I also use Astrophotography Tool when imaging.
      When I start my imaging session I will undertake a two star alignment then move to my target and THEN platesolve to ensure I have the object centred.
      My question is do I need to bother with two star alignment (or any other Celestron alignment for that matter)? 
      My thought would be to Polar align then take a shot of Polaris and plate solve this, sync the result to the mount then “Goto” from there. The only issue I have is when you switch the mount on and enter time/date etc it asks you to do a star alignment so how do I ignore this or do I do just that, ignore it!
      Sorry for the rambling question.
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      Most grateful if anyone can let be know which settings I might need to adjust, and to what values.
      Finding it all a little bit confusing !
      Many Thanks


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