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Hi from the West Midlands

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getting back into viewing, had a aldi 76mm reflector. It really got me into it, read alot of bad things about them but hay I saw oh a few, saturn, jupiter and the moons, clusters, double stars, orin nebula..... loads.

Anyway picked up a skywatcher mak 127 goto, hoping the goto would hepl me with the sky.It has in a big way.

So I want to finf objects by star hoping, I've notes and started using 10x50 bins at the same time.

Turns out I'm more intrested in deep space objects, oh and the moon. I'm thinking of imaging too. Not in a rush to get it, my goto will keep me going for years but I want to get the next one in my head. Oh would like to see a bit more detail if possible in the eye jobby, with a bigger scope.


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Hi Mike, welcome to sgl Clive

Hi Mike and welcome to the SGL. I am an avid star hopper since I started observing some 50+ years ago and the skill has done me very well in finding loads of objects. The time you use in learning this easy skill will reward you many times in the future. below is a link to a site that will get you started off on the right foot.


Be sure to check out the rest of the site for lots of useful information :Envy:

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Hi and welcome Mike, I have the same scope as you, really pleased with it.

I find the goto used with stellarium a blessing, giving me the targets to feed in whilst i learn what's out there.

After reading a blog on this site my next target will be the double double in lyra, clouds permitting, to see how well i and the scope can resolve it.

Good hunting...

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