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Cumbria Starparty 7 2012

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Adrian Nina found your pan about 20mins after you left!

Robbie let me know the details and i will ask around.

Actually Robbie i`m finding it harder and harder to concentrate on me driving,if no improvement in my health re:medication,i will be looking for a chauffer driven obs/hotel on wheels-----sounds like a campervan might fit the bill :grin:

See you all soon


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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the pan news..... I can collect it on my way to Galloway.

Robbie's camper van is a little on the small side to carry half your gear!!!!!

But the advantage of a camper van used in conjunction with your tent might work. Remember you would lose use of a roof rack.

It is a miserable day here... raining most of the time.


I will arrange collection of the pan nearer the time...



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Hi all,

I just wanted to post a quick (if slightly late) thank you to everyone for making CSP7 another great weekend despite the bad weather -

Good company, good food and a very nice selection of single malts (...hic! :grin:). In fact up until late on the Sunday night we could've renamed CSP7 the Cumbrian Single Malt Appreciation and Lively Tasting Society or CSMALTS for short! :grin:

With a special thanks as always to Nina for being such a great host and as Mike say's also for Tam and Cameron's support as well. :smiley:

Another big thanks to Mike for the music you sorted out for me as well as going above and beyond again, helping me with the tent.... in the rain!! I hope your feeling better now mate and get plenty of clear nights to relax in your new obsy, you've done a cracking job of it. :icon_salut::smiley:

As the skies did clear for a short time on the Sunday night I thought I'd add quick report -

Naked eye - we got a lovely view of the Milky Way, M45 and briefly when the conditions were at there best the Andromeda Galaxy.

Through the bino's - the Moon (a bit more poignant a moment than usual as we'd not long heard the news about Neil :icon_salut:), M45 and the Coathanger Cluster.

Through the scope's - M57 (with a hint of colour), Alberio (my fav double star), M13/M15 Globular's, Andromeda's bright central core and M32, the Double Cluster and also a nice view of Jupiter with the 2 main bands showing nicely and 4 moons, despite the fact it will still fairly low down.

Last but not least - a really nice and bright Iridium flare later confirmed as Iridium 55 on heavens-above.com. :smiley:

So not too bad for only an hour or so of clear skies!!

I'm looking forward to seeing most of you at Galloway if not before.

Don't worry Kenny, me and James will be up for a few games at Galloway but remember being in Scotland instead of England it will be only fair if you play our rules next time....... yeah we'll take any advantage we can get!! :grin:


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