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Need Eyepiece Advice!

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I posed a similar question about wider field of view and received advice from John and other wise chaps here a few months back. I eventually bought a Televue Nagler 20mm and it gives great views, outstanding views with my C11 that I subsequently bought :eek: The Nagler is not a cheap option at just under $500! If there were a similar ES, I'd be interested in trying that too for comparison :D

I can't help but think that - given the cost of a 2" diagonal and 2" eyepiece - picking up one of the Celestron reducer/corrector http://www.celestron...-corrector.html might be worth trying with your existing diagonal... Amazon have these for $115 currently. With the reduction in focal length, you'd be able to use your 14mm as your wide field. Might be worth the experiment :confused:

One thing to note is that if the light pollution is bad where you observe from, you might not want to go too low on the magnification side as you'll capture more sky glow.

For high magnification viewing, the 8.8 and/or 6.7mm ES82 might be worth trying (at $99 each!), giving 170x and 224x respectively.

Update: I've just seen that Meade are soon to be selling a 20mm UWA (82 degree) eyepiece... the previous UWA aren't too shabby by all accounts I've seen, so it might be worth keeping an eye out for one of those if you decide to go the 2" route. There is much debate as to whether ES and Meade eyepieces share common heritage, but that's another story ;)

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I would suggest some orthoscopic eyepiece`s for planetary

The thing I did was to buy a tv plossl 25mm to see how good the view was. It was excellent and then I knew it was worth me investing in an ethos. Once you try a little green it's hard to go back.

A 20mm 82 degree eyepiece will have a field stop the same size as the aperture at the rear of your C6 so that's about as low / wide as I'd go with your scope. I think you have confused low and high po

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