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Vista and starry night pro 5


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I am planning a new laptop and i wondered if anyone knows if Starry night pro 5 is compatible with Vista?..

If not is it easy to downgrade to xp,someone at work said they had tried it and their computer wouldn't do it

and i've seen some outlets charging £40 to downgrade,why?(maybe it is difficult to do). I was hoping i could just put my own copy of xp onto my new laptop or is that illegal :nono:

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You're the forth person tonight that's asked me this one....

And their all having problems with the Open GL graphics interface.

I understand Microsoft has just released SP1 for Vista which should have the fix for the driver hardware issues..

I know Dell are doing a no cost downgrade to XP, use this as the bargaining chip with the retailers.


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You could always do a partition of the hard drive, load xp on one bit and vista on the other, need a pretty big hard drive, but then again, no doubt vista has a secret function that will kill anything daring to occupy the same space. It is the typical MS attention to detail, throw out something that works slightly then let the customers ind the bugs to save them having to do it.

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It should be very simple to install your copy of XP on a new laptop, and not illegal as long as you don't use it on your previous one any more. You need to make sure that you have a full install disc for XP - a lot of computer manufacturers only supply "restore" or "recovery" discs that might not work with a different brand or model of laptop.

My old laptop didn't support Open GL under Vista, so I couldn't run Stellarium and had to dual boot with XP (install XP on one partition and Vista on another and then select which OS to boot into on startup) That's also fairly easy to set up if you have full discs for both XP and Vista. Install XP first - the installer should allow you to create partitions on your hard disc - create 2, one for XP and the other for Vista. After installing XP, install Vista - it should recognise that there is another OS already installed and allow you to install into the 2nd partition. Then when you turn your laptop on, you'll get a menu asking you yo choose between "Microsoft Windows Vista" and "Another version of Windows" - that's XP

Thankfully my new laptop has the correct drivers for Vista, so I don't need XP any more (although Vista's not that great to be honest - over hyped)

Hope that helps!


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Cheers for that ,a guy at work is maybe selling his laptop,only 2 years old :wink: ,i only want one so i can use Starry Night when i'm out with the scope,fed up leafing through books and star charts etc trying to find these faint fuzzies.

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