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Last Saturday, decided to try this very beautiful object. Here it is quite low (max 23 degrees altitude) and this caused a lot of problems for the guiding. The guiding star was dancing in PHD and forcing it to make a lot of false corrections. As a result half of the images are unusable :( When the object closed the meridian switched to Cocoon nebula, where PHD was much more happy and spent the rest of the dark time there :)

So here is my modest image of M20...

- 33min total (4x7min, 1x5min, ISO 1600, no darks, dithering)

- MN 190, 550D (modified), EM-200



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Hello Ivo,

Hope you don't mind, but your picture has so much detail I couldn't resist a few tweaks.

(Weather so bad here I get bored!)

(Pixinsight, Curves and Local Histogram).

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Thank you Farunj, Michael, Colin and Gina!

Colin, of course I don't mind :) PI is on top of my shopping list - only the learning curve is the stopper, because currently don't have time. Is local histogram a PI feature?

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Thank you Farunj, Michael, Colin and Gina!

Colin, of course I don't mind :) PI is on top of my shopping list - only the learning curve is the stopper, because currently don't have time. Is local histogram a PI feature?

Local Histogram is a dedicated feature of Pixinsight. You adjust sliders to get the desired result, and the the effect can be quite dramatic without losing detail.

I hope you try Pixinsight, it's well worth the effort, although you must start with a completley open mind and forget Photoshop techniques.

Great image Ivo, very jealous of your clear skies.

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Thank you Martin-Devon!

Thanks Colin! I'll give a try to PI, but have to find some time. APT development is occupying all my free time which quite few in the recent weeks :(

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Thank you Jsigone and Kbramley!

Kbramley, yes MN190 is a great scope :) Little bit hard to colimate... There is still little problem with the upper left corner. I'm wondering what have to tune - the secondary or the primary for that???

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    • By tooth_dr
      I've been trying to image a couple of galaxies per night, one pre and one post flip.  On early Saturday morning at 1:30am I changed over to M82, and acquired 63 x 3 mins subs, OSC, totalling 3 hours and 9 minutes of data. 
      Camera: ZWO 2600MC at -10 deg C, gain 100, offset 50
      Telescope: Skywatcher 250PX (blue tube), 1200mm F4.7
      Mount: Mesu e200
      Guiding: ZWO OAGv2, 290MM, PHD2
      Filters: None
      Software: APT for capture, APP and PS for processing
      I havent really had a chance to get much use out of this camera since I bought it in December, and I havent processed many OSC images before.  I've a bit of work to do, but still very happy with the quality of the data for just 3 hours of integration time.  I would like to add some Ha to this, but purposely didnt bother during the recent clear spell, as it was moonless nights and I gathered some broadband data on other targets instead.
      CC welcome.

    • By GeekTeacher
      Hi all,
      Can anyone please point me to a clear and complete set of instructions for both setting up and using the MGEN-II autoguider with Astro Photography Tool.  I need to start right from the beginning.
      Many thanks
    • By Sidecontrol
      Hi there,
      So I've finally gotten round to setting up APT and Sterallium (via ASCOM) on my laptop for controlling my mount EQM 35 pro. (I got PHD2 working on it a while back).  I followed a tutorial on youtbe about doing this using simulators in Sterallium, when doing this pressing control + 1 on the keyboard moves the simulated telescope and everything seems to update in ATP and work fine.
      The (small) problem I'm having is when i successful connect my own mount in Sterallium (after doing the same in APT) I click on an area and then press the short cut Ctrl + 1, nothing happens, my yellow telescope icon doesn't move to the location, but when I do it in APT, sterallium obviously updates to show the new position.
      Any idea why the short cut in Sterallium isn't working when connected to my mount?
    • By SStanford
      Hi All,
      For what has seemed like forever, the clouds finally parted late last night and the Orion constellation was very clear from my balcony.
      I had a brief window of opportunity earlier this week and had difficulty focusing on stars at all using my DSLR (Canon 450D) and APT. 
      Last night was a breakthrough; I was able to capture starlight in APT liveview and even bring the stars into (significantly better) focus!
      I now face my next challenge; I am unable to focus sharply on any of the stars.  Using my telescopes focusing wheel I seem to get only blurry spots of light coming through, despite very carefully adjusting the wheel for quite some time.
      At the risk of embarrassing myself, I've attached the images of Rigel and Betelgeuse I captured last night (on both long and short exposures, details of ISO and exposure are detailed in the image titles). This is as sharp as I can them.
      Is there anyway I can fine tune the focus? I've seen AP videos on Youtube where jam jar lids have been glued to the focus wheel or motorized focusers attached. Are these gimmicky or do they make a significant difference?
      I should mention that I don't yet have a tracking mount:  I've eyed the Skywatcher AZ-GTI wi-fi as good candidate for my first meaningful mount (with the EQ wedge coming shortly after).  Having emailed a number of retailers it seems these are in very short supply, here's hoping stock replenishes post-Christmas! I think this will let me get to grips with the equipment I have right now, definitely would like to get a sharper image, even if I'm only capturing star trails.  
      to capture the images shown below I used:
       - Celestron 100AZ (100mm Aperture, 660mm focal length)
       - Canon 450d 
       - Barlow lens x2 (Celestron)
       - APT (connected DSLR directly to laptop via USB)
       - Stock Celestron Alt-Az Mount
      All the best.
      Single__0049_ISO400_0s4s__20C.CR2 Single__0034_ISO1600_30s__20C.CR2 Single__0027_ISO1600_30s__20C.CR2 Single__0012_ISO1600_1s__20C.CR2 Single__0011_ISO1600_30s__20C.CR2
    • By Bob_the_Science_Guy
      Hey Guys, 
      I run a Youtube Channel and as part of that I like to live stream the telescope.  But the problem is lack of consistency.
      Orion EON 110, Meade 10" SCT
      Orion Mount - Exos2-PMC. Meade Mount 'push to' alt az with clockwork drive
      APT, SharpCap, PHD2, Stellarium, ASCOM Hub
      Focal Lengths Orion 660mm, Guide Scopes 188mm, SCT 2500mm
      Powered USB for ZWO cameras (120 and 294)
      Here is what happens:
      Cameras, sometimes work, sometimes don't.  I am not making the mistake of trying to get APT and SharpCap to view the same camera.  I used APT for the guide scope and SharpCap for the main tube and the 294.  Sometimes APT will take an image, sometimes it will do live view, sometimes both, sometimes neither.  It is very distracting to the stream to spend an HOUR turning the computer off and on, plugging, unplugging and replugging the cameras just to get them to image.
      When I do get an image it plate solves at the NCP, but if you move away, setting the coordinates to the scope position or the object I am looking at, it doesn't consistently plate solve.  Sometimes it does, sometimes not.  It is completely irregular and can change within a session.
      Not all three plate solving means even work, for blind solve, 
      ASTAP never seems to work, either in point craft or locally stand alone
      PS2 and ASPS work intermittently, as above
      I did download all the catalogs and they are in the default directories.
      This is very frustrating and I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue or has suggestions.
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