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hi stargazers from the north west

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hi stargazers, ive just signed up to the forum today, il tell you a little about myself regarding astronomy. i have always been interested in astronomy since i was a little kid but never had a telesco

Hello Rob, welcome to the group.

there are a few of us Lancashire cloud dodgers - as said above we have a social group already set up that you should look into.

Welcome form a not so sunny Bamber bridge...

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Hi Rob, Welcome to SGL and to Astronomy, I am new on this too and have moved recently too (Southport) and having more time free here , bought my first telescope and already got three now, as my interest has increased after knowing more about all this...it can be really interesting and I wish you really enjoy good times , specially without the clouds that lately have been around and be lucky finding good company up to share it with the same level of interest, not quite easy sometimes - keep in touch if you want and... clear skies :rolleyes:

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HI Rob. Diving in at the deep end with DSLR imaging - what are you trying to capture with it?

hi, sorry for the late reply, been on holiday, i am hoping to start off with capturing the moon, planets (mars, jupiter, saturn), and hopefully in the future i can get used to EQ mounts and use long shutter times for DSO's and nebula, some might called me naive but i know it is quite difficult to even take pictures of the moon with crystal quality but hopefully with experience i can take good ones.

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