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Its handy ... useful ... but a compromise, it can never replace a set of dedicated EPs.

Theirs a thread here somewhere about the Seben zoom, very similar to the one you are looking at.

Quite a few happy users on there!

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I have one of these. I mostly use it for white light sun observation with a Baader sun filter. The zoom has no click stops and is infinitely variable within its range. As has been noted by others the field is quite small (40 degrees I believe) at the 24mm setting, but by the time the 18mm setting is reached the field is much more respectable and is probably a fair advance over that of a similar 18mm Plossl. Used in a fast scope (f5) stars become streaky in the outer 30% of the view. For the price they are reasonable eyepieces.

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Do you think it's worth getting then?

Right now, as far as eyepieces are concerned, I have a 25mm eyepiece and a 10mm eyepiece plus a 2X Barlow lens.

Will it work well with my Mercury707 and how would it be in a Skyliner 200P?

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Hi it looks exactly the same as the Seben zoom, which is surprisingly good, especially for under £48 delivered!!!

There is another thread about the Seben and its quality has given a number of people a good,big surprise.

IMHO go for the Seben from e-bay.

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Hi Ganymede 12 - yes your link is to the correct eyepice - I have been following the reviews of it on here and have it added to my Amazon Wishlist so can confirm it's the right one.

What I can't say is anything specific about it's use with the 200P, if you search you should be able to find the thread it was called something like 'seben zoom 8-24' & see what scope the people reviewing it were using. I was looking from my perspective and nothing i saw indicated it would be horrible with my 250 f4.7 and I think your 200 may be slightly slower and so more forgiving but best to check for yourself if you can find the thread.

Hope this helps

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