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I've just been reading the "Instruments and Imaging" newsletter from the BAA. They have published an article which includes the following advice;

"It is allowed by all who have any experience on the subject that the open air is the best place for using a telescope upon celestial objects. It requires, however, a large amount of enthusiasm on the part of a beginner to encounter the various difficulties with which this is attended, when the observations are to be made in the night time. Taking the telescope out into the garden, arranging the stand etc., to find, perhaps, the weather change, and the sky become overcast just as the instrument is ready for use. Here, however, the beginner may be reminded that one maxim must be steadily remembered - never be disappointed by the weather;

In this uncertain climate an astronomer who should yield to vexation because the sky becomes thick, had better give up the thing altogether"

This is part of a reproduction of an article originally published in "THE ASTRONOMICAL REGISTER" - A Medium of Communication for all interested in the Science.

Second Issue, February 1863

So, come on you fellows, stiff upper lip and no yielding to vexation, thats the spirit :icon_salut:

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