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Cutting circular holes in plastic

David Smith

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The reduced shank drills are officially "Blacksmiths drills" in catalogues. They are NOT the same as Morse taper drills!!!!!

I thought when a blacksmith wanted a hole in something they got it hot and used a hardened point with a hammer :)


hardened point ?? it's call a punch and it hasn't got a point, I spent 22 years in the trade

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Its a long time since i cut a hole in a plastic box, but i think i cut a piece of wood, fitted in the box then used a hole cutter to cut the hole, this makes for a neat hole.....13.5 mm drill bit would just grab the plastic and you end up with your fingers shredded by the drill bit and a mangled plastic box.

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Have look on ebay, search hole saw.

Various options come up with variable / adjustable one such as this:


The preferred option is an electricians hole saw kit (Starrett) but that comes at fixed diameters relating to cable sizes etc.

That's a fly cutter, it requires a pillar drill, and isn't really suited to drilling a hole in a plastic box......

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I got this for making a light box but foud it useful for cutting the 65mm hole in my ABS boxes for housing my 1100D DSLRs for cooling :-


It might be plastic but it's pretty strong. I used two hands when cutting the plastic boxes - one on the centre point and the other to hold and press the cutter blade.

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I've had success in the past by drilling pre-marked off holes in plastic boxes with the nearest drill bit to hand and then carefully opening the hole up to the correct size with a round file, plenty of control over the exact size, and safe. :smiley:

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Plumbers / sparks use hole cutters, if i'm not mistaken 35mm is a standard size, but i'd only use a good quality make and NOT the springy steel sets you see in the junk shops, the ones i'm talking about are solid blade type where they have to be used with an arbour, they work very well but practice on some waste material first if you use this option, try screwfix.

Have Fun.

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