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6 July Sun in multi-wavelengths


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This summer is proving to be almost a wash-out. Highs on average are hovering around 13C here and the sun has been quite elusive. Last week a very unexpected hour clearing appeared when luckily I was home to get the scopes out. It was quick work to get some images before the clouds rapidly closed in again for the week.

These were the best of the series which came out surprisingly okay. Hope you are having a better summer where you are...








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Thank you for your kind words. Just so pleased to have even one observation in July so far. After a good week in May, there was one imaging day in June then nothing for a month until one day so far in July... It has GOT to get better!

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Very Nice Sheri :)

You take your solar work very seriously - had no idea you had that many solar scopes.

Excuse my ignorance, but which images were taken with which scope. The first must be the Lunt Double and the second the CaK, how were the others taken?



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Super work Sheri! the Ha full disc is absolutely marvellous :)

I think we are all having rubbish weather, I remember when you could set up the scope, choose which filter, follow an area for a while, study it a bit more, relax with the drink etc. This year it's just been a race against time, can I get 1x 30 second avi before a cloud is what races through my mind. I agree with you, surely it has to get better!


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