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Very Sad - In need of $$$ and TLC?

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Sad indeed. Never saw an abandoned observatory (picture or otherwise) and my first thoughts were about the telescopes (like spirits of our living bodies) - it's like the body (the building) remains behind to rot while the "spirit telescope" has moved on to a better place when the observatory dies. :cry:

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Might be worth a link over to the DIY observatory section to see if there are any suggestions. :grin: Would quite fancy giving a bit of TLC on the one in Iowa but overall very sad to see buildings in this state - what a waste.


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It seems that the Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory at Preston is heading down the same path. If it wasn't for the fact there's an operating weather station on site I think the council would have knocked it down and sold off the 8" Clarke Refractory therein.

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The JKT on La Palma is a UK telescope. However, as far as I can tell this is still potentially operational (it was refurbished in 2004 after being taken out of general use in 2003). It was offered free to interested parties in October 2011, but I don't know if anyone has taken up the offer. Remote observing anyone!?


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