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Science @ NASA article

Venus Pillars

If each of us has 15 minutes of fame, this was mine. It was published on several NASA sites as well as

their home page, and Fred Schaaf did a small article about it in the October 2002 issue of Sky & Telescope


The image is also included in British author Richard Baum's latest book, and according to what Richard has

told me, observers had sporadically reported a comet-like Venus (displaying pillars) since the days

of Kepler. The article Tony wrote isn't the way it happened, though. I was already at the observing area with my

camera, waiting for it to get dark enough to take a photo of Comet Ikeya-Zhang.


Comet Ikeya-Zhang Meets the ISS

This is the image that was taken about 20 minutes after the Venus pillar photo. I had absolutely no idea

the ISS was going to make a pass that evening, and I didn't know it would cruise right above Ikeya-Zhang

either. The timing turned out to be perfect.


Seeing Double: Pythagoras

I was extremely honored when Chuck Wood contacted me and asked permission to use my sketch and

image of crater Pythagoras. It was the very first lunar sketch on LPOD.

A few more...

Insularum Interlude


X Marks the Spot


Mammatus Clouds

And since I'd already been on APOD and LPOD, why not complete the triad?

Science @ NASA article

Look at that Spaceship

This was a bitter-sweet publication, because five days after the article was posted Shuttle Columbia broke

apart on re-entry. Although they used my image for the article, the Shuttle in the photo is Endeavour and not



The folks at Starry Nights (software) contacted me a few years ago and asked if they could include a few of

my Aurora images on an upcoming DVD in exchange for a free copy of Starry Night Pro Version 5... how could I


My Aurora images are on the Solar Storm DVD, which is part of Starry Nights' 'Sky Voyager' set.

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Date: May 7th. 2009.

Publication: Sky at Night Magazine. Issue 48 May 2009.

Carols Sketches placed alongside Hubble Images, to show an Amateurs telescope view of the same Object.


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Date: May 13th. 2009.

Publication: Sky at Night Magazine. Issue 49 June 2009.

Article: Carol's Illustrated Technique on how to sketch

the Globular Cluster M13.


Issue 50 July 2009

Carol's excellent guide to sketching M57 The Ring Nebula in Lyra.


Issue 51 August 2009

This months guide to sketching, Carol describes how to sketch.

Stock 1 An Open Star Cluster in the Constellation



Issue 52 September 2009

In this Issue, Carol's excellent series continues with

her guide on how to add Messier 27 The Dumbell Nebula

to your list of sketched objects.


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