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Mag 12 Supernova visable

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This was posted on the weather forum I visit, it may interest you.

Imagers: See news of new supernova at mag 12 already! It's in NGC

1058 which is circumpolar from the Uk and high enough to see well b4


This is the brightest SN in a long time as far as I am aware (maybe a

couple of years)?

So well worth imaging!

SUPERNOVA 2007gr IN NGC 1058

> D. Madison and W. Li report the discovery of an apparent supernova in


> 1058 on KAIT images of 2007 Aug. 15.51 (mag 13. and 16.47 UT (mag



> The new object is located at:

> RA 2h 43m 27.98s DEC +37 20' 44.7" (2000), which is 24.8"W and 15.8"N


> the nucleus of the host galaxy. The new object did not appear on a


> image of Aug 10.44UT with a limiting magnitude of 18.9 according to


> 1034.


> R. Chornock et.al., University of California, Berkeley, report that

> inspection of CCD spectra, obtained by D. Reitzel and R. M. Rich

> (University of California, Los Angeles) on Aug. 16.5 UT with the 3-m


> telescope at Lick Observatory, shows it to be a type-Ib/c supernova,


> long after the explosion.


> NGC 1058 was host to two prior supernovae: SN1961V and SN1969L.


> Martin Nicholson reports the object is continuing to rise and at


> in a message to the BAAVSS on August 19.


> According to AAVSO Special Report 59, the two prior SNe in NGC 1058


> reached a peak brightness about this level, so SN 2007gr may not get


> brighter in a note by Arne Henden.


> The TA supernova search chart of NGC 1058, last revised on 1990 May

26 and

> containing a V sequence to 18.40 based on Asiago Contr. N255 (1971)


> other sources can be used for the current object. It exists only in


> form but can be e-mailed as a scanned item on request.


> Guy M Hurst


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