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Siting the scope

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I'm fortunate in some ways in having quite a few choices for a semi permanent site to set up. None are 360° perfect but I have pretty good views East and South, not bad North and not so good West. What would be the best directions to favour?

Thanks Jason

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Having a good view of the south is something I'd definitely favor. From your description, I'd say you have yourself a pretty decent observing site, provided there's not too much lp..

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Thanks for replies. Seems I'm lucky having South as my best view. LP is minimal in that direction as well. No excuses, should be able to start ticking a few "I-Spy" boxes when the skies clear :smiley:


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From my perspective I have a garden which is due east facing. I also have views north and south. My house restricts any view to the east and I know I am missing out on certain things, but I am also very lucky that I can view other things as they rise during the night. Thank goodness for Stellarium. You can check out what is due in the sky before it rises and get yourself set-up and ready to roll.

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