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I saw the sun on Saturday...

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I've had a PST on loan since just before the Transit, I was clouded out for that but have managed my second trip out with it in six weeks.

There is a couple of nice Sunspots groups and Proms at the moment, get out and have a look if you get a chance.

Here are some images of active group 11514 and 11515

This is the same group, but at different tuning positions of the PST. Left is *almost* similar to what you'd see with a white light filter, then through to the other end of the scale... Taken with the DMK/PST and 2.5 barlow.


This was again taken with the PST/DMK combo with the 2.5 barlow. This is the NW segment. I still find it so hard to expose/process for the disc and proms at the same time.


Here is the whole disc presented in a new way for me... I'd be interested if you prefer it to http://www.emberson....07-12_whole.jpg




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That's a nice set of shots Ant, and I like the presentation here. Where did you get the grid? and are you using an EQ mount? (I struggle to get the orientation right as I generally use an alt az mount for solar as its easier and quicker to set up during cloud gaps!!)


PS I haven't seen the sun for weeks!!

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I love your whole disk presentation Ant :smiley:

I am finding that I have to reduce the apature of my PST when using my QHY5v to avoid over exposure of the granules. How do you get on using the DMK?

Thanks Dean

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Cheers for the great comments :)

Helen I got the disc grid from http://solar-center.stanford.edu/ i've mailed them to request permission, but had no reply yet, I thought it only polite even though it's only a grid. I've taken there grid and converted it to a transparent gif, let me know if you want it and I'll mail it to you.

Dean, no problems with over exposure on the DMK. Depending on the gain that I used, the exposure was around 1/1800s maybe 1/2000th second for the lower power stuff which I guess would have been around f/15, with the 2.5 Barlow I was using around 1/1100s.

I really enjoyed imaging the sun, I'll have to give the PST back at some point, not sure if it's worth me saving up for one of my own. If the night time skies remain like they are then it might be an option :).

Yes Dirk, lol, it was the sun :)


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