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Meade DS-114 digital telescope with AutoStar?

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I saw a Meade DS-114 digital telescope with AutoStar. Would this be a good telescope for viewing stars and/or planets? If not, what are some other telescopes that would be better for this particular hobby? I'd like to find a nice telescope for a decent price (preferably $100-$250, if possible) with the perks the Meade DS-114.

Also, is $150 a good price for the Meade DS-114 in good condition?

Thanks! :)

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Well, here's a review: http://www.cloudynights.com/item.php?item_id=2318

$150. Nah. Look here: http://www.cloudynights.com/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/5280448/page/0/view/collapsed/sb/5/o/all/fpart/1 You may need to be a member of CN for a particular length of time to see that, not sure, but it's a 10" Dob for $250. That's within your price range and will show you far, far, more than that Meade. It'll pull in almost 5 times as much light and only 60% more money. It doesn't have auto-star. But do you really need that? In NE Texas you're probably very near to some very dark skies. You want aperture to take advantage of it! You'll learn the sky: that bit is easy and fun. You just need a star atlas and a little patience. There'll be other similar bargains out there. I reckon you can do better than the Meade.

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+ 1 for more aperture. The 114 is ok, but it wont be long until you want more aperture. I would be inclined to look around a bit more to find something a bit bigger / better. I can only speak from experience, A used Dob of 150mm-250mm would be a much better buy. And you really do get a lot more bang for your buck. Good luck with your search.

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  • 7 years later...

i think thats ok for a smallish goto system

something to consider is goto costs more then double compared to a manual scope and in alot cases goto being computer/electronics will get outdated sooner or later. when that happen and the next model or version comes out the price of your will decrease thats normal for anything computer/electroincs. Like a phone laptop or tablet. 

saying that tho as long as u have it and it suits your needs then keep it till it dies is ok too. I mean i have a galaxy3 which is waaaay old compared to most people phone BUT since i dont really care for the newest shinniest phone it serves me fine as a phone. PS my phone is a phone only and not a computer like most have, thats y i have a computer for that, and my phone to talk /text.

anyway if your goto does break remember it probally garbage or can only be used for parts. So somtimes getting manual gets u somthing that really nothing can go wrong unless u break the glass or mirror, and u can get something twice as big for the same money, and it wont get outdated so holding its money much longer.

but if you want goto and dont mind all that then go for it. 

ops forgot to say i have seen HUNDREDS of people think that when they see goto that it does EVERYTHING for u and u just hit a few buttons and you can see whatever u want BUT thats not true. if u cant align the scope and stars then it wont show u anything. I have read soo many posts where people cant get the goto scope to work, or align the or the goto is not working properly. 

most people views from their yard has some obstructions which may even be worse as the new people may think y is the scope pointing to a house theres nothing there?

new people have to know some things about the sky and maybe at least 20 to 30 of the brighter stars of they may have lots issues getting the scope to work.

i say get manual then upgrade later after a year or 2 to goto


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You read any of the reviews, and the word which jumps out at you the most is cheap department store scope, avoid at all costs

You better off going for a 8" or 10" flex Dob, if not intending to do AP

For AP, you need a tracking mount, such as a HEQ5, with either a ED80, these days ED100 or ED120

Have attached pics of both my 10" flex Dob, and ED80 on EQ5pro mount


Skywatcher ED80.jpg

Skywatcher 10 inch Dobson.jpg

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I’m in the other camp regarding GOTO. I came into this hobby all keen to ‘learn the skies’ and become a Jedi ‘starhopper’ etc and then lost so many nights not being able to find a thing. I quickly concluded that manually finding targets was about as much fun as walking barefoot on Lego. 

I moved to a GOTO mount and the sky opened up to me. Yes getting it aligned was initially difficult but I’ve cracked that and I’ve now also discovered the joys of blind plate solving which removes the need for aligning altogether. 

All that said $250 is not a large enough budget for a solid motorised mount and worthwhile scope and I’d look for something like a Skywatcher 150P (the 750mm focal length one) and a good AZ4 mount- both secondhand. You should easily find such a combo well within budget. 

That’s what I started with and still use as well as my other gear. The scope in particular is really very good and will last you well into your journey into imaging if that’s the route you end up going. 

I’d then start saving for a decent GOTO mount...

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  • 3 years later...

Okay I’m very new to all of the scene that is this I’m super sorry but I got this telescope and I’m not sure if it’s….what I should’ve gotten. It’s for my husband and he loves star gazing we live in Michigan and often go to the upper peninsula. This is his Christmas present. 


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Hi @Meganformayor and welcome to SGL. :hello2:

The ‘scope [note: tube only] you have bought is called a ‘Newtonian’. Judging by the aperture, it will be ok for observing the Moon, positions of the Galilean moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn … at a squeeze. If you have a ‘play’ with the FOV calculator tool in the resources tab, it will give you an idea of what things will look like when viewed through the eyepiece. If you cannot see your particular 'scope, e/p, etc., listed, enter the details in the 'custom scope',  'custom e/p', etc.

I don’t know what e/p’s are included, but if they are 0.965”, then you are somewhat limited to what you can upgrade. Below is an image of my 0.965” e/p and a 1.25” adapter.


I don’t wish to dampen your enthusiasm, but did you purchase it new…  (i.e. department store/online warehouse) or second-hand? - please advise as to what you/husband wish to observe, budget, etc., then other SGL’ers can or may recommend something that maybe better and that will last a lifetime of enjoyment, etc.

BTW - many SGL’ers, myself included, have more than one ‘scope at our disposal, as one ‘scope does not do all or everything.

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