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Hi folks, my name is David and i'm from Aberdeenshire.

So as a kid I spent alot of time outside with my telescope, nothing fancy, but it was a hobby that I enjoyed as we used to have great clear nights, but as usual life gets in the way and everything was shelved.

so fast forward 15 years and I've just bought my first house and with it comes a decent sized garden that is shaded from the street lights. So I'm planning on kickstarting my old hobby and thought that before I get the keys to the house I would research where to start so that I can get a decent set up, and where to start would be a forum and this one looked good.

so here I am.

I most likely won't post much for the first while as it's a busy time at work and also with the house moving, but I will be checking in and hopefully learning what set up would be good for me.

Thanks for reading,


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Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

For the next 24 days I'm stuck 80km East in the Gulf of Thailand where I work. This is the first time I've been able to see the Plough and the Southen Cross in the same sky. So far I had one night when the power went out where I was staying and the view in the dark sky was amazing (amazing really doesn't do it justice).

Makes you realise how insignificant we all are.


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