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Anyone else been lusting after this refractor ?

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Many years back I was visiting another astronomer to buy an eyepiece. He showed me into his conservatory and there, laid on on the carpet were a 6" F/9 Vixen ED refractor, a 5" F/13 D&G achromat and an Astro Physics 6" F/8 triplet apo. On a tripod in the corner was a Tele Vue 4" Renaissance brass petzval refractor setup for solar viewing and the guy had just taken delivery of a Meade 14" SCT on a fork mount, which I then helped him unpack. I've never seen so many amazing scopes in one room outside of a dealers showroom :eek:

In addition, he had a full set of all the Nagler eyepieces and a full set of the TMB Supermonocentrics in a lovely walnut case.

His astro budget was obviously a lot larger than mine !

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I guess some of the keen refractor fans will have found this already. I really must stop looking at this advert - there is a recession on after all : http://www.peak2vall...ge_2192202.html It might

now that's a refractor!!!

Ooh, hadn't seen that but please add me to the lust list!! Shane, would this be more up your street ;-) http://www.cruxis.com/scope/scope1100.htm

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I believe D&G produce really excellent achromats. From the reviews I've read the optical quality is in a different league from the mass produced 6" refractors from the likes of Meade and Synta. Still an achromat of course but a top flight one.

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Some scope a Brian, I would love something like this or maybe a inch bigger. My saving grace is it costs so much to ship things from England. I wanted a Meade LX 200, big one. I didn't trust the dealership in Sofia at the time, many businesses here were shady to say the least 7 years ago. They wanted 560 pounds to ship from UK, I believe I could buy a ticket to come see you fo that. The LX 200 was put on hold. I ended up getting a scope from the dealer, who's now one of my best friends.

Alan, Thanks for the rain England we needed it.

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