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Can my Mercury 707 be Salvaged?

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Back in October of last year my wife bought me a Skywatcher Mercury 707 refractor. At the time I would rather (ungratefully) have had the cash to put towards a SkyTee 2 for my Evostar 120, but after trying the 707 out I was pleasantly surprised at how good the views were and have used it as a 'grab and go' 'scope.

Unfortunately, the mount that it came with is pants, and has now dropped to bits (thankfully I was holding the tube at the time). I am left with a set of flimsy tripod legs, and nothing to attach the tube to.

I've almost saved enough to buy a SkyTee 2 mount now, but was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on a cheap way to make this a working grab'n go scope again (eg. would I be able to fit tube rings and a dovetail to it), or is it only fit for the dustbin now?

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You can buy rings - but you may have to pack them a bit? A second hand EQ2 or EQ3-2 would do the job for a mount - even a new one if funds permit. Alternativly you could make your own wooden alt-az mount if you are handy with DIY tools - maybe even an EQ type mount? Don't dump it - it will be a good grab and go scope!

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if you are getting the Skytee then I'd drill a couple of holes in the tube of the frac around where the balance point is and then attach a piece of dovetail bar. you can then use the scope no problem and very cheap fix too.

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You can get a set of rings and a dovetail and atach it to the SkyTee.

Looks like TS do a set of Orion ones for a 76mm tube for just 12 Euro (£10)


They seem to be the least expensive and also the one that are less then 90mm.

Check the UK retailers also listed those as I know TS did a fair selection.

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Thanks for all the replies.

i'm afraid DIY means Destroy It Yourself when tools come into contact with me :eek: , so I think the tube rings that Capricorn has found at TS might be the way to go.

That said, I do like the look of those wooden mounts. I wonder if I could persuade my Brother-in Law to take on a new project... :rolleyes:

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