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Finally a clear spell!

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Went to bed with cloud coming in fast from the west and feeling miserable!

Woke up at 1:45ish, gazed out of the window at the moon getting lower in the sky, nice and bright. Wait a minute, a bright clear moon (thought I). Leapt out of bed and leaned out the window not a cloud to be seen, street lighting off.

Fastest setup I've ever done and got some great views. The new scope worked a treat!

  • Bodes Nebula
  • Eta Cassiopeiae
  • Gamma Ceti
  • Zeta Piscium
  • M77
  • M34
  • NGC891
  • Lambda Arietis
  • 19 Lyncis
  • Venus (viewable until I stopped at 05:30)
  • Last but far from least, Jupiter (just about viewable until I stopped at 05:30 along with Vega)

Coffee, toast then bed.

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    • By westernwolf
      I apologise in advance if this has been answered elsewhere previously.
      Monday night I was having horrendous issues with my first real attempt at using Sequence Generator Pro, most of this seems to be entered around the ASCOM driver of my Sesto Senso 2 focuser. In the end I gave up and did things manually using Cartes du Ciel to align the telescope to M31, however this is not where I found myself pointing. This was the first time I'd used the software to guide the mount, I used to use the mounts GOTO system. After carrying out a quick imaging run because I had lost the will to live, and by plate solving I found I was actually on *68 Cas (HD4142). I had polar aligned using QHY Polemaster, this must have been ok because guiding wasn't an issue 360s+ imaging.
      I'm not a fan of Cartes du Ciel at the moment because it seems to be clunky and very slow graphically, this may be because I communicate via wifi.
      I am curious what people that use SGP do with regards to getting going for a nightly run, would SGP be able to plate solve and realign the mount to a target when it is this far out, or have I made an error in how my park is setup on the mount, tube up-weights down not accurate enough?
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated because there seems to be a lot of cloud around at the moment  .
      Kind regards,
      Skywatcher 120ED (Moonlite focuser) on HEQ5-Pro, Atik 314L+, EFW2, Eagle2 onboard computer. 

    • By Greg6498
      WOW! Had a great view! Used my Pocket Sky Atlas to plan the night, then I just shot right out there! Saw the 7 Sisters (Pleiades), then hopped to the Orion Nebula! Used my ES 18 mm to find it then switched to the Morpheus 12.5 mm and could actually see wispy parts of the Nebula! ( I guess that’s what it was! LoL!) Really amazing! Called the wife out to take a look. Next I want to find Andromeda!

    • By MikeODay
      My image of Omega Centauri ( NGC 5139 ) has been published as the NASA APOD for the 11th of July 2017 
      Link to full size image on NASA site ( warning quite large - 4620 x 3720 )
      Link to discussion of image on asterisk.apod.com

      ( credit apod.nasa.gov )

      ( full size image - 4620 x 3720 )
      Link to original post for this image back on the 10th of June
    • By MikeODay
      Update 16th June:
      I could not wait to tell people that I was just notified that my image of Omega Centauri will be published as a future NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day ( APOD ) - my first ever
      I will update the thread when they publish.
      A deep look at Omega Centauri ( NGC 5139 ) 
      This image is an attempt to look deeply into the the Omega Centauri globular cluster by using HDR techniques to record as many faint stars as I can whilst retaining colour and detail in the bright stars, including at the core  ...
      Reprocessed to bring out more faint stars and to produce a smother transition between brightness levels.
      New version ( 12 June 2017 ):

      Omega Centauri ( NGC 5129 )
      ( please click / tap on image to see lager and sharper )
      Old version:

      Omega Centauri ( NGC 5129 )
      ( please click / tap on image to see full size and sharper )
      Image details:
      from www.nova.astrometry.net:
      Size: 58.6 x 39 arcmins,
      Centre: 13h 26 min 50.4 sec, -47deg 28' 39.1''.
      Orientation: up is -89.9 East of North ( ie. E^ N> ).
      Orion Optics CT12 Newtonian ( mirror 300mm, fl 1200mm, f4 ).
      Corrector: ASA 2" Coma Corrector Quattro 1.175x.
      Effective Focal Length / Aperture : 1410mm f4.7.
      Skywatcher AZ Eq6 GT.
      TSOAG9 Off-Axis-Guider, Starlight Xpress Lodestar X2, PHD2 .
      Nikon D5300 (unmodified) (sensor 23.5 x 15.6mm, 6016x4016 3.9um pixels).
      No filter
      Long Exposure noise reduction off
      Blue Mountains, Australia.
      Moderate light pollution ( pale green zone on darksitefinder.com map ).
      9 sets of sub-images with exposure duration for each set doubling ( 1s to 240s ) all at ISO800.
      Calibration: master bias, master flat and no darks.
      Integration in 9 sets.
      HDR combination.
      May 2017
    • By Robbo2003
      Finally a clear night and no need to get up (too) early tomorrow !!
      Seen the weather report on the Clear Skies app and immediately informed the missus shed be going to bed alone tonight. Got all my kit up and running in the garden and prepared myself for a few hours of viewing.
      First thing i noticed was how much id forgotten... so just keeping it simple and going for some obvious targets like double stars and the moon to get used to the equipment again (this is only my fith outing).
      Want to use my new phone adapter to grab some simple pictures but a bad back has left me unable to contort myself into some precarious positions to view the screen and nab a decent shot so you all will have to wait until the next clear night before i can try it out for real.
      Heading up to the very north of scotland for work tomorrow so will take all my gear along with me in the hope i get a calm clear night to get some awesome stargazing !
      Clear skies everyone and we can finally get this show on the road for another season.
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