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I just purchased my second scope a SW80ED and had clear skies with poor seeing last night. Managed to get some images.

I took them in RAW and JPG. The image shown is just one JPG, no processing 1/400 iso 400.

I tried doing some stacking but had trouble geting everything aligned nicely (rookie).

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Going to post a similar topic in DSO's as I tried out M13 last night too.




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What program did you use to align? Manual aligning of images is a pain. For large bright objects (moon and planets) Registax is my preferred program. It helps to use video files. If you used a camera, having the images timed very close together will make registax work better.


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I have also have much trouble getting objects to align when stacking images, mainly because I have no tracking. But I have also notice that just by loading a single frame into registax5.1 and playing with the wavelet sliders I can get a lot more detail out of my image.

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What a lovely terminator, and great contrast. It's the shadows that make the moon look so good, especially with a good amount of 'space' around the edges... I think you've got a good balance. Just off to check out your M13... my favourite cluster :grin:

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