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Hello from WNC


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Hello Everyone,

I am new to this group and hope to learn more about astronomy and astroimaging. I have been enjoying astronomy for 5-6 years and recently obtained a CGEM with a C8 as well as an ES AR127 - a new era for me, since all of my previous astronomical endeavors took place with homemade Dobs and an EQ platform for tracking. I am looking forward to improving my guiding and image processing skills!

Thanks in advance for any advice and input you all may give!


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Hello Jason,

Welcome to the SGL forum. Everyone on here is very helpful and friendly.

Any questions you have, just post them and there'll be someone who knows the answer.

How are the skies where you are? It's been constant wind,cloud and rain over here for what

seems like forever,sigh. Never mind, i'm sure it will clear up soon :-)

Wishing you ckear skies


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Thanks for the welcomes everyone. Darren: the skies here have been clear with so-so seeing the past week or so. Winter is best here because of the summer humidity (thank goodness for dew straps!). Hopefully it will clear up for you soon!


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