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Dirt inside Hyperion Zoom Mk.III

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Hi guys,

It has been a while (a couple of months) since I have had my new Baader Hyperion Zoom Mk.III eyepiece but today, when obseving the Sun, I have noticed quite a prominent piece of dirt in the FOV. A bit of investigating later, it seems, that the dirt is stuck somewhere inside the mechanics of the eyepiece, bringing it into focus somewhere between 16mm focal length. Looking through the eyepiece against the bright background, I have notice at least two other smaller pieces of dirt, but the one large in question is the one that is really bugging me. I know there is a way to disassemble the eyepiece and clean it, but I'm positive that cleaning it DIY will only make it worse.

My question is - is the piece of dirt reason enough to send it back under the warranty?


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Ive had mine since the middle of March (2012) and i can only report that there is no dust or dirt. I just looked at mine and i cant see a way to get into it to clean it.

Send it back.

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Actually, there has been a development - a few gentle bumps with the eyepiece on a table and the piece of dirt fell off the optics on its own. Still, it is bugging me that there is a loose piece of dirt inside my precious eyepiece. I will wait what the supplier has to say about it and will decide accordingly.

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Dont tell the supplier that you gave it a few gentle bumps on the table. They wont replace it then.

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I don't know it's just not good enough, I found a similar dirt problem with my Meade SWA 28mm, it's a bit easier to put right. I wouldn't fancy taking a Zoom apart. Take it back to the shop.


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