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H-alpha 2012-06-07 Mosaik & Timelapse


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I finally had time to sit down & process the the 160gb (!) of data acquired over 2 weeks ago...

I decided it was time for a new mosaic , while learning to tune the three different levers & dials of the scope for dopplertuning, i managed to find a pretty good setting for the surface, so that was the idea of the whole mosaic, to show the surface as detailed as possible, that's why I maxed out the contrast & sharpness. So please, have a look in full size!

The mosaic consist of 12 different avi's, 6 for the surface & 6 for the proms. The avis was 2200frames each, I used 10-15% of the best frames in each. Right after finishing the mosaic, I decided to try making a timelapse of the huge liftoff prom, I set the capture to a 60sek/1800 frames avi every 2 minutes. A total of 72 frames, 2 hours & 24 minutes. Occasional thin clouds moved past, messing with the brightness & contrast now & then, but who cares, I'm still a beginner :) The timelapse is downsized 'cause of the humongus files generated by animated gif's, I need to learn how to make HD videos for youtube...

Click image to see full sized version


Click image to see the timelapse


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Excellent mosaic, the timelapse is the most spectacular I've seen. Who needs SOHO anyway? This is definitely going into my little folder with 3rd party "inspirational" pics.

Two things:

- what was the solar scope used?

- images to video: just get FFMPEG, it does it all

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