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Hello from St Albans


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A little introduction for my first post on SGL.

I’ve always been fascinated by Cosmology and decided this was the year to invest in connecting a little more personally with the Universe. So my interest is mainly galaxies / nebulas / clusters / supernovae and I really want to push how far away I can truly see out into the universe – upto hundreds of millions of light years with darkier skies I hope?

I’ve spent two months researching what I want to really study and see, and what scope/equipment to start with. This is the thank you part, because SGL has been a really great help on so many different fronts.

Anyway the Skywatcher 300P FlexTube GOTO is days away from arriving from FLO and I already have a July target list, but realise that the summer months and this weather may dampen my DSO opportunities until September. I’ve also looked into the closest darker sky sites in Cambs/Suffolk.

I will post my first light report in the next week or so.

Thanks again for all the SGL support.



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Hi Brent and what a scope you have on the way,I have a solid tube 12" reflector it was the first scope a got 4 years ago,and wow wee is it a great scope ,and the things we see in the night skies blow me away still I do have other scopes but they are for imageing ,and such like the dob still gets used

master the art of colamination you will need.to if you lug in this beast around,am sure this will open your eyes to what you have been,missing all these years I await your first light with this great scope


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