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Greetings from China!! Ni hao!


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Ni hao.

I am too lazy to look through the threads but I think this is a 2nd intro of mine. My apologies.


I've been coming here off and on to read and haven't posted much in 2 years. However, I always loved forums but spent too much time on the wrong ones.

forgive me please.

I'm Dave.

Originally from Chicago and transplanted in China for about a decade now. But that's a whole other story :p

I like this website much and found out it contains much needed information for a novice as myself.

Astronomy is without a doubt the best science in the world.

It is for everyone. The interesting thing is that not many people are serious about it.

I always viewed the sky mostly by myself. I have been to a couple of star parties here in Beijing. 2011 Geminids :)

I find that most aspects of what we have in common to be completely spell bounding. Filled with endless amounts of data and research etc etc.

For myself, my mother introduced me to the planets when I was about 7 or 8. but I was a kid and did not think too much of it. However, I remember seeing a few solar and lunar eclipses when I was a teenager.

The summers of 1992-1997 where the foundations of what know call a great hobby. Not to mention I play music. My wife thinks I'm nuts... haha

Seeing the arm of the milky way for the first time was the eye opener. Then in 97 it was Hale Bopp. I missed the "other" comet a year previously..... Wasn't it a short lived visual??

anyway after that I took some courses, studied charts, rode up north to Evanston Illinois to get out of Chicago's light infested muck. It was close enough and just had enough to get good looks at planets and main stars.

I would call myself a novice yet I have studied and observed for over a decade now.

WIthout a scope mind you.

only have had binoculars. I want a scope so badly.


My sister has 4.5" reflector that i use back in chicago but i wonder would a 90mm refractor give me the same quality of view? for example:

Seeing saturn was easy in my sister's scope. Would a short tube 90mm refractor do the same?

I'd like something that wasn't too complicated to carry around.

my objectives are to view planets, any M objects possible, clusters etc.

but eventually I would like to get into some photography.

so is there a scope I can but that will suit me for now and then can get a camera later to start with photography?

thanks for listening to my blah blah.

Clear skies!!!

ps. if you want to know ANYTHING about CHina. Let me know. I'll be happy to help!

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Hi Dave, welcome to SGL

If your interest is deep sky objects in the messier catalogue, you can't beat large aperture reflector like a dobsonian.

A 150p on EQ5 will be a good choice for your need.

It is a reasonable balance between portability and aperture, and the EQ5 mount has limited imaging capability

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Hi Dave and welcome to SGL of the two scopes you have mentioned although the reflector is to all intents and purposes an inch bigger, there is the central obstruction of the secondary mirror to take into account which means in the long run the refractor should give you the edge on resolution. You will have no doubt read there is no scope that will cover all aspects, to include DSO and our local Solar System, and to bring AP into the equation involves further problems. You will be best to ask in the various forum sections relating to types of equipment and the AP, but basically such as an 80mm apo refractor and GEM which would include for AP then a Dob for DSO visual. Enjoy your Astronomy, by the way how are the skies in your part of China ? :)


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Hi from the South China sea Dave. Did you see the 2009 Solar Eclipse? I travelled up to WuHan for it and wasn't disappointed! I also saw the recent Transit of Venus down here on the rig, again, not disappointed. A trip up to HeBei province in December, sadly, didn't afford me time to do the touristy bit in Bei Jing, hopefully some day....

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Good morning guys/gals.

And thanks for such a warm welcome

THe skies in Beijing are bad. Not an ideal place for viewing. The wife and I plan to move south since she is from Fujian province.

thanks for the advice also on scopes. I of course have much to consider and will spend some time amongst some distributors and clubs to see what scope I like.

My imaging ideas are probably not going to be very high standard therefore I do not wish to concern myself with grabbing the highest end scope and mount.

I am looking for something portable, which will be able to give me views of planets and any M objects

- cheers :

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Hi Dave, welcome to SGL, 'hope you are able to choose a scope sometime, I went for the full length refractor at f/9 for visual, the short refractors give rich field at f/5 or less, I prefer the 'slower' scope to be honest, but something to consider, priorities etc. Astro-photography would be more feasible with a fast scope, i.e. the f/5, depends on your ambitions really.

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Everyone thanks for the welcome. I hope that here I can learn and share with all! Isn't that what it is all about?

@ rwilkev -

Since i have much to learn about scopes-n-all I appreciate your advice and guidance.

I too am hoping that I will get a scope soon. I was wondering which company actually is good to go with?

THere are so many scope companies out there that I have a hard time determining which is really good and who is out to scam people.

the names Orion, meade and celestron always come up but i am seeing stuff online about other companies.

Since I am in China already I wonder where the "biggies" get their scopes made? I am willing to bet it iin fujian or zhejiang provinces.

long or short tube or slow or fast... my heads spinning.

but maybe that is because its still early.

oh, here comes my wife with breakfast

thanks guys :)

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