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Sun Full Disk 19th June


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Finally the clouds went away...


The last time I managed to observe the Sun was May 26th, so even though it was early evening and the football was about to start, it was time to look through the scope rather than at it.

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Hi Tim,

The scope is a Lunt LS60THa with a B1200 blocking filter and the camera is a QHY5 which was originally bought as a guide cam.

The QHY5 is mono and captures at 1280 x 1024 so there's no need to do a mosaic, however I did use a Moon filter (ND 0.9) as it's hard not to over expose the image.


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Nice image from a QHY5, looks too good for that - well done! :smiley: :smiley:

It's suprising what you can do with these little cams, if only the software didn't suck!

I know it's nearly the Summer Solstice but here's hoping Santa brings a DMK. :smiley:

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