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Going to try out some imaging of the Milky Way over the summer (British weather and clouds allowing of course) What size lens would work for this. The images will be from a photographic tripod, so also what sort of length exposures would I be able to get

I'm using a Canon 550D, which comes with a 18-55mm lens, would this work at all?

Really I'm looking for an affordable fast lens, any suggestions?

Cheers all, I really like coming on here and finding people with similar problems to mine, though there aren't many students on here. :-)

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The 18-55 will make a start. Leave it on 18mm, wide open and set it got for 30 secs, with ISO turned up as necessary. I usually hit the light pollution limit fairly quickly anyway, and of course you're into star trail territory if you leave it for long.

I also have and like the Samyang 8mm fisheye lens. Not the best wide open at f/3.5 though, if you want sharp stars. Ironically I'm not keen on the Samyang 14mm since it has high distortion! The difference being of course the fisheye is supposed to have lots, the 14mm isn't.

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