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Beginners JOY! 2


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Well I've seen stuff "up there" at last. The moon ! WOW .SATURN --rings and all . Getting sucked in------- looking at EP's on ebay wondrin bout filters including Solar. Made a box for transport , taken scope to wales(no sky for 4 nights!) mebbe something smaller for travels--- money money money money. Awaiting first Messier. getting familiar with scope and now know other constellations than Ursa major -- see using proper name --- and individual star names Vega, arcturus, even sulafat and sheliak! Having to familiarise way round this site too---- not sure where to post random stuff like this.

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its awesome (in the proper meaning of the word) when you start looking up isn't it - I still cant believe I let myself get to the age of 41 before I saw Saturn with my own eyes. Other objects that I've found to be good 'newbie targets' are... Albireo - a lovely blue/red double star - below vega/lyra, M13 in hercules - which was my first (and to date only) globular cluster, the ring nebula - and bodes galaxies... they are all (just about) visible in my little 4" reflector - and even though the the views are faint - the fact that those photons have travelled un-imaginable distances before they hit my retina just adds to the wonder.

Enjoy exploring!!

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