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eq6 pro or neq6 pro

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Hi all

I'm just after some clarification here. orion optics uk are advertising the eq6 pro synscan and first light have the neq6 pro synscan. can anyone tell me what the difference between the 2 is? i can't figure it out. :huh:

thanks for any help


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I have a NEQ6 bought December 2009 and it only has the Vixen puck not the Losmandy one. Was I sold an older EQ6 just rebadged then? I have recently bought a William Optics combo plate and need to change the puck on my mount. There are two available, one is straight sided the other has angled sides. Is there any way I can tell which mine is before I strip it down as I don't want to order the wrong puck adaptor or wait until I strip the mount down before ordering because you just know we will get a break in the weather if I have to go that route.


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Is this what you mean? http://www.firstligh...ies-mounts.html. Take a look at the EQ6 saddle profiles towards the bottom of the page.

To quote FLO on that page, they say:

Generally, Pre September 08 EQ6 mounts require the standard-type puck whereas Post September 08 EQ6 mounts require the new-type puck. Don't worry, if you select the wrong one we'll happily change it.

NB: Why has this pasted text come out small? :D

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Something similar except on the WO one it is flat on the bottom, so I need to remove the scope clamp on my mount and replace it with a piece that replaces that so I cam bolt the combo plate to it. Altair astro do one for each EQ6. My mount is badged as a NEQ6 but it only has the Vixen clamp so it must be an ordinary EQ6. It's just the bit you remove and replace on the mount is different internally. The only way to be sure is to remove mine and see before I order.

Looking at the drawings at the bottom it appears I have the standard EQ6 mount that some so and so just put the new badges on!


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